Psalm 80 Restore discussion notes

//Psalm 80 Restore discussion notes

Psalm 80 Restore discussion notes

Psalm 80: Restore

Discussion notes based on the sermon preached the morning of 8-5-22


Read the passage again and don’t forget to start your meeting in prayer.

Particularly ask that the Holy Spirit would guide your discussion and help you to apply what is said in Scripture to your lives today. Sermons are available on the St John’s website or YouTube channel.

Sermon outline

The aim is to be restored as we cry out to the Lord Jesus, the Good Shepherd, the True Vine, that He will make his face shine on us so we will be saved.

  1. The request for restoration – ‘Restore us, O God/God Almighty/Lord God Almighty’

(i) a request from God’s flock

(ii) a request from God’s Vine

  1. The resource of restoration – ‘let your face shine on us’
  2. The result of restoration – ‘that we might be saved’


Opener: In quiet moments, before God, has the following thought ever passed your mind ‘God, what are you doing?’  Share what that’s been like for you this past year.

  1. If, as it seems likely, this Psalm was the response to the fall of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, how does the prayer reveal how deep the shock was felt?
  2. Looking at verses 1-3 and its impassioned plea for God to act, how should this rightly inform our prayers?
  3. Instead of the shining face of God (verse 1) what response do the people get to their prayers in verses 4-7? Does this surprise you?
  4. What does the vine represent in the Psalm? Look also at Isaiah 5.1-7 for further explanation.
  5. How does Jesus use the imagery of a vine and its branches in John 15?  What does this mean for our restoration and growth?
  6. Look at the final plea in verses 14-19, who is it that restores the people of God?  How does this bring you comfort and hope?
  7. The Psalm ends with the refrain in its fullest with the addition of God’s name ‘LORD’, why is this significant?
  8. Why is the refrain ‘make your face shine on us’ so significant and such a vivid expression, read Numbers 6.24-26?

Time of prayer:

Use the Aaronic Blessing from Numbers 6.24-26 to shape your prayers:

‘The LORD bless you

And keep you;

The LORD make his face shine on you

And be gracious to you;

The LORD turn his face towards you

And give you peace.’

If time, you might like to write your own prayer using the Psalm to guide your thoughts.