Men’s Groups

Early Morning Prayer

Men’s Early Morning Prayer group meets every Thursday from 7.00am to 7.45am.

Our aim is deeper sharing for personal and group growth in Christ. We try to avoid superficiality and want to actually know how each of us is really doing. Only in that way can we genuinely support and pray for one another. To that end, we are each invited (but not obliged) to share briefly around four questions:

What is most on my mind? What has been my closest moment to God since the last meeting? What is the biggest sin or difficulty that I am dealing with at the moment? What is God teaching me?

Needless to say, it’s almost impossible for everyone to address all four of these questions every time we meet. Each man tends to focus on one or two of them – or heads off in a totally different direction, as he wishes. While one man speaks the others listen without interrupting. We observe total confidentiality. The meeting ends with each of us praying for one of the others. Although the time is short, it is an enriching experience. Some men come every week, others attend less frequently.

Getting to Men’sEarly Morning Prayer is mainly an issue of Mind Over Mattress!

Men’s Breakfasts

Men’s Breakfast at the British Oak Pub, Old Dover Rd will be starting again on Saturday April 20 2024. All welcome to come and hear a great talk while enjoying a freshly cooked breakfast.

For more details contact the church office on 020 8305 0520, or watch for updated details here.

Upcoming Events

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Sunday Services

10:15am Morning Service

(In person and live online)

6:00pm Evening Service

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