Colossians 1:15-23: Born Supremacy

Discussion notes based on the sermon preached the morning of 24-7-22


Read the passage again and don’t forget to start your meeting in prayer.

Particularly ask that the Holy Spirit would guide your discussion and help you to apply what is said in Scripture to your lives today. Sermons are available on the St John’s website or YouTube channel.

Sermon Outline

Col 1:15-23 – Born Supremacy

Jesus Christ is Supreme over all!

Implication of this:

  • Life needs to be reordered by Jesus (15-18)
  • Life needs to be reconciled by Jesus (19-22)
  • Life needs to remain in Jesus (23)


Opener: looking at the passage as a whole, what titles and descriptions of Christ do you find? Why would some people find these so outrageous? What would you say in response?

1. In verses 15-20 Paul uses several words or phrases to explain how Christ is supreme. How should they affect our attitudes and actions?
2. In verses 21-23 Paul shows how the new lives of Christian’s differ radically from the old ones. What changes have occurred? How are they made possible? What does that mean for us?
3. How does Jesus death on the cross make peace?
4. How does this passage help you remain in Jesus and continue in the faith (verse 23)? How does an individual Christian know she or he is continuing in the faith?


This passage is a glorious account of who Jesus is as the one born supreme, spend sometime giving him glory and praise.