Acts 9:31 – Refresh the vision

//Acts 9:31 – Refresh the vision

Acts 9:31 – Refresh the vision

Acts 9:31 – Refresh the vision

Discussion notes based on the sermon preached the morning of 24 April 2022 am


Read the passage again and don’t forget to start your meeting in prayer.

Particularly ask that the Holy Spirit would guide your discussion and help you to apply what is said in Scripture to your lives today. Sermons are available on the St John’s website or YouTube channel.


Reading: Acts 9.28-35 ‘Refresh the Vision’

Starter: Describe a situation when you’ve lost focus, what happened and how did you refocus?

Matt Baker shared with us three ‘H’ to help us think about our vision verse (Acts 9.31):

1. ‘Hinge’ Church, thinking about Acts, why was the early church at a hinge point? How does this help us when thinking about the future for St John’s?

2. ‘Healthy’ Church, verse 31 describe a health church as being ‘built up/strengthened’ and ‘increasing in number’. In what ways are we being built up and growing as individuals and as a church?

3. ‘How’ to be a health church? Looking at verse 31, in what two ways are we to walk/live as followers of Jesus? Discuss how we can encourage one another with this. Read Philippians 2.12-13 and 1 Thessalonians 5.19-22 for further help.


Praise God that he saves people and then unites them into church families.

Praise God for his faithfulness to us as a church over the years, for bringing safely thus far.

Pray for us to be united in our vision as a church family.