Acts 10 discussion questions

//Acts 10 discussion questions

Acts 10 discussion questions

Acts 10: Speak to those who are different

Discussion notes based on the sermon preached the morning of 19-6-22


Read the passage again and don’t forget to start your meeting in prayer.

Particularly ask that the Holy Spirit would guide your discussion and help you to apply what is said in Scripture to your lives today. Sermons are available on the St John’s website or YouTube channel.

Sermon Outline

Acts 10 ‘Speak to those who are different’


Opener: Share any opportunities you’ve had recently to speak of Jesus, how did it go?

Read Acts 10:1-23

1. What was the extent of the divide between Jews and Gentiles at this time?  Can you think of similar situations in the world today?
2. God had to work in Peter’s heart first before he could speak of Jesus to Cornelius.  Are there any similar prejudices which you can identify in your own heart?
Read Acts 9:23-33
3. ‘God gets there first, before us’!  God dovetailed his working in Cornelius and in Peter, what examples of divine ‘coincidence’ have you experienced recently?
4. Think for a moment about your workplace, your gym, your friendship groups etc. Knowing that God has gone ahead of you, how will this help you to speak of Jesus?
Read 10:33-48
5. What does Peter include when he speaks to Cornelius’ friends and family?  How does this shape our speaking?
6.  In verse 43, Peter gives Cornelius the way to respond to the gospel, why is this important?


Pray now for God to show you moments in your everyday life where you can speak of Jesus and have the confidence, courage and compassion to seize them.
Pray for three people you would like to speak to about Jesus.