Weekly newsletter 17.07

//Weekly newsletter 17.07

Weekly newsletter 17.07

Dear church,

‘Love is patient’ – 1 Corinthians 13.4

I was reading a recent newspaper article about ‘patience running out’ in Leicester because of their additional lockdown due to a spike in Covid-19 cases. I think we can all sympathise with them – who would want to go back into lockdown!

Impatience is certainly an emotion I am feeling right now as we seek to open the church for Sunday worship. On the one hand I am really keen for this to happen but I am also aware that we need to do this in a way that is safe and practicable. Like the people of Leicester ‘my patience is running out’!  When we think in this way we realise that’s like saying ‘my love is running out’ and when that happens we tend to lash out at those around us or even God.

The return to ‘normality’ as a church will be full of joy but getting there will be slow and sometimes painstaking, we will all need to be patient with each other and with God. How can we do this? I think the first place to start is to consider the character of God, who is Love (1 John 4.16), and as such is patient since love is patient. He continues to be patient with us when we get things wrong or when we think it’s been too slow and not going the way we want. It’s hard being patient, but I’m praying that we will continue to look to God who shows us his great love in being patient with us.

Please can I encourage us to keep coming to the online service at 10am where we will be looking at Mark 9.30-41. The online zoom evening service at 6pm will be looking at Psalm 20 as we continue to be Refresh under God’s Word. I also want to express my continued thanks to everyone involved in putting these together and the incredible amount of work that has been going on to keep us in touch as we look forward to the day we can physically meet again.

I am also really excited about The Word One to One training event with guest Mark Campbell, which will be happening via Zoom on the evening of July 22nd. This is a great new initiative to equip us to read the Bible one-to-one with friends and family, please get in touch with Andrew or Jane Beswetherick for further detail at andrewjanebes@gmail.com This could be a good way to follow up with one of your ‘pray for three’ people. Please put this in your diary for Wednesday.

Grace to you, Eddie

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