Weekly Newsletter 15.05

//Weekly Newsletter 15.05

Weekly Newsletter 15.05

Dear church family,

When I’m preaching, I like to use rhetorical questions. I recall a lady coming into my previous church, who was under the influence, and proceeded to answer all my rhetorical questions VERY LOUDLY!  Well, what about this one from Amos?

‘Do two walk together, unless they have agreed to do so?’ – Amos 3.3

A pair of friends do not need to agree about everything. Yet they must, if they wish to keep each other company, be agreed on the route and the destination. Without this understanding and agreement, it cannot be thought that the two should walk together. The verse is designed to show us that without agreement there is no true fellowship. In our sermon series ‘One’ on the unity of the church, we too realise that we do not need to agree about everything, yet we must agree on the route and the destination of our salvation. This Sunday we will be thinking about this more under the title ‘One Hope’.

The ‘two’, whom the Prophet Amos is really referring to walking together, are God and Israel. The context here is of God’s judgement on Israel and that she could not expect that God should walk with them, when they walked contrary to him, when they were rebellious. And so it is with our spiritual walk with God – agreement is essential. God and humanity originally were in agreement but sin separated us. So to walk again with God, the route to friendship is the saving work of Jesus. Two may walk together, God in heaven and you and me on earth, with an agreed destination. So let us maintain our walk with God through Bible reading and prayer, having fellowship with the Holy Spirit. And let us agree to meet with and walk with our brothers and sisters in Christ, seeking to bless each other and encourage each other, respectfully discussing our differences, looking all the time to Jesus, to the glory of God.

Your brother in Christ,


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Our new Prayer Diary is now available, see attachment here.

Saturday 29th May – an exciting but covid-careful start to walking/cycling together again. Limited numbers so please book – email rosemary.medhurst@btinternet.com to book and to find out more details.