Online prayer meeting 08.06

//Online prayer meeting 08.06

Online prayer meeting 08.06

Join us online for the next St John’s Prayer Gathering

Our next prayer meeting is at 8pm-9pm on Monday 8th June

How to join the Zoom Meeting (any time from 7.45pm)

1. Click here:

It might ask you to enter these codes:

  • Meeting ID: 864 6668 9719
  • Password: 316819

NB alternative ways to join:

  • Copy this link and paste it into your ‘web browser’, e.g. Chrome, Firefox or Safari
  • Visit

2. Click “Open” if it asks you to.

3. Click either “Join without Video” or “Join with Video” (you choose)

4. Click “Join with Computer Audio”. NB at the start, you’ll be automatically muted.

How the meeting will work

We will start as one big group together. Whoever is leading will outline how the meeting will work, share from Scripture, and pray.

Then, for about 10 minutes each time, we will divide up into “Breakout Rooms” of max. 8 people.

During these times, choose your preferred settings (whatever you’re most comfortable with):

  • Turn your Video On or Off — press “Start Video” / ”Stop Video” in the bottom-left corner.
  • Turn your Audio On or Off — press “Unmute” / “ Mute” in the bottom-left corner. If you’re happy for other people to hear you praying, you’ll need to press “Unmute” of course!

You might know some people in your Breakout Room but not others (just like when we meet as church in person!). It’s nice for everyone say hello and your name, before you begin to pray.

There will be bullet points on the screen, with suggested things to pray for.