Letter from the Vicar

//Letter from the Vicar

Letter from the Vicar

Dear Neighbour,

It’s a challenging time for us all! As your local Church of England church we want to offer help, encouragement and hope as we live through this together.

If you are worried, anxious or in need of support – we would love to help you.   You can contact us on…


or call us on 020 8305 0520

How can we help you:

  • Picking up shopping
  • A friendly phone call
  • Collecting urgent supplies
  • Offer to pray for you

For those who are self-isolating, items we pick up/collect will only be left on your doorstep. We recognize that Coronavirus is contagious, so please take every precaution to stay safe.

Please also note that for now the church building on Stratheden Road will remain open during the day for people to come in and pray.

For further information and live streaming of services, please do call us or see our church website or visit on social media.

With love and prayers.

Edward Scrase-Field (Revd)

Vicar of St John’s, Blackheath