Invitation to St John’s Blackheath Online

//Invitation to St John’s Blackheath Online

Invitation to St John’s Blackheath Online

Dear Church,

God’s Word is not chained!

I miss public worship!  I miss the smiling welcoming faces at the door!  I miss singing praises to God with you!  I miss the sound of many little feet running up and down!  I even miss the same people being late… again!  I miss the reading and the preaching of God’s Word!  I miss the chatter afterwards!  I miss you all!

Zoom, YouTube, Facebook are better than nothing but it’s never the same as being there in person.  It can feel like the very Word of God is in lockdown just like the rest of us.  But it’s not, nothing can keep the good news of Jesus locked down!

Paul wrote to Timothy from the isolation of prison and yet even from there he has the confidence to say ‘Remember Jesus Christ, raised from the dead… This is my gospelfor which I am suffering even to the point of being chained like a criminal. But God’s word is not chained.’ (2 Timothy 2:8-9).  You can throw the preacher in prison, you can lockdown the churches, but the Word of God cannot be chained – that is wonderful news – it cannot be stopped and it’s still doing its work no matter what happens to us!

Of course, Easter will feel very different this year but God’s Word will still accomplish its work in bringing the good news to others.  I would like to encourage you in reaching out to your friends, neighbours and colleagues through inviting them to join us online this Sunday at 10am.  It’s very easy, why not send them a simple email/WhatsApp/Facebook message inviting them, here is a little invitation clip from me to include or you could simply share this through social media:

Invitation to St John’s Blackheath Online

On Sunday we may all be at home in lockdown but God’s Word will be running free accomplishing great things for God’s glory.  I pray that this weekend will change lives because the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection is the hope the world desperately needs right now.

Please also look out for the Good Friday service tomorrow at 2pm, you can view this also through the website.  Finally, if you need help or just want someone to talk to please contact us via

Have a great weekend celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus,

With love and prayers, Eddie