Transformation – a marked change in form, nature, or appearance

I love going back to my parents’ house. But being an only child, the walls are full of pictures of me. From birth to wedding day and EVERYTHING in between. I’ve gone from a blue eyed, blonde haired baby, to a brown eyed, brown haired (spotty) teenager to a bald & bearded adult. Transformation is a physical fact of life.

‘God is interested in our transformation, not our information’ – Louis Alexander

As Christians we’re called to a life of transformation; a life of marked changes as we grow, and are shaped & moulded to be like Christ.

Each day the Youth Team produces a daily devotion through Luke’s Gospel. Last Friday we came to the parable of the sower. Jesus explains that a farmer (God), scatters seed (the Gospel message) across his field. Some of the seed lands on the path where it is trampled, some on rocky ground where it can’t produce roots & some amongst thorns (the cares, wealth & pleasures of this world) where it fades. Each time the seed goes out but the recipient fails to produce a crop.

Yet, some ‘seed that fell on the good soil represent honest, good-hearted people who hear God’s word, cling to it, and patiently produce a huge harvest.’ – Luke 8: 15 [NLT]

I don’t know about you, but I am forever hearing what’s being said & then not actually doing what I’ve heard (putting the clean clothes away, putting the towel on the dryer – seeing a picture here?). It can be so easy to hear but not act. But that is not good enough when it comes to Jesus & the Gospel!

–       HEAR God’s word: As you read the bible & pray, let it sink in deeply. Be attentive to the word of the LORD. Let it encourage you, challenge you, convict you, rejoice in gladness, pray out in anguish, sing & dance in joy, worship with you whole self. Be transformed.

–       CLING: God is God in all seasons of our lives; the good, the bad & the boring – even the COVID-19. Hold on to God & His word.

–       PATIENCE: Being transformed isn’t always an overnight thing. Being a disciple of Christ is a lifelong journey with the living God as we wait for his return or our calling home.

‘Jesus said ‘Come as you are’ not stay as you are’ – Timothy Keller

As I look around at the picture on the walls of my parents’ house, it’s like looking back in time as I’ve changed physically. But also I’ve changed spiritually, emotionally, in my attitudes, opinions & actions. If you are a Christian today, no matter how long for, take some time today to look back on your life – how has God transformed you?

–       Maybe it’s an encouragement, thank God for what he’s done & pray he’d continue.

–       Maybe it’s a challenge, you might have things, actions or thoughts that are not what God wants for you to have, big or small, ask God to take them from you, let them go, be transformed.

–       Maybe it’s a mixture of both (I think it should be).

If you’re not a Christian (yet), God is inviting you to COME AS YOU ARE with all your joys, hurts, laughter & pain. He loves you so much that he sent His son to die to save you! He welcomes you with open arms. Yet he loves you so much that he doesn’t leave you that way. He’s got so much better in store for you! Follow him, be transformed.

By Matt Lockwood, St John’s youth worker


God, thank you that you love me as I am but that you love me so much that you don’t want to leave me this way. Thank you for Jesus & what he did for me on the cross. Forgive me when I disobey your word, help me to act it out today. Lord, I give you my life, transform me by your spirit, this day & for the rest of my life. Amen