God wants to use us

//God wants to use us

God wants to use us

God wants to use us.

I was really struck by something that was said in the sermon this Sunday (if you missed it go check it out on the St John’s Blackheath YouTube Channel). In the story of the feeding of the five thousand (plus women and children!), Jesus prays a prayer of thanks and then gives the disciples baskets of food to hand out. They start with 5 small loaves and 2 fish, they end with 12 baskets left over.

Does that food keep multiplying in front of their eyes like some kind of illusion? Do the baskets just not empty? Does the weight of the basket weigh the disciples down?

In truth: none of those questions really matter. What matters is that in this miraculous moment, Jesus chooses to use the disciples. The miracle happens in the power of God through Jesus and is outplayed through the giving out of food by the disciples.

The disciples are the hands and feet of Jesus. Jesus uses His disciples.

Jesus wants to use us.

Does that excite you? Over the past 24 hours, I’ve allowed this point to resonate with me. The Creator of the world, the One above all things, our God who makes mountains tremble wants to use us to build His kingdom here on earth – back in the New Testament times and today in the midst of CoVid-19.

How? Maybe it’s as simple as sharing the link to church on a Sunday morning. It’s never been so easy to step through the metaphorical front door of a church – let’s make it even easier by making sure people know where the link is. Maybe starting a conversation with a neighbour (from a distance) or a friend on the phone about Christianity. Or maybe it’s through showing others the generosity of Jesus through delivering food parcels, dropping food off at the food bank or calling a member of your community who is isolated at this time.

God wants to use us.

The disciples had to step out in faith, they just started giving out the food and kept on going. We have to step out in faith, and when we do, we get to become the hands and the feet of Jesus – what a privilege, what a challenge!

If you’re not yet a Christian, Jesus doesn’t want you to be left unsatisfied. In the Bible accounts, Jesus cared that each member sitting on that hillside got fed that day – regardless of what they thought of him or his disciples. Jesus wants to meet with you, and ultimately use you too! If you would like to find out more – read Mark 6: 30-44 and ask God to speak to you this week or alternatively get in touch with us at church, we would love to chat to you!

God doesn’t need to use us, he WANTS to use us – let’s get excited, challenged and be transformed by that truth this week.

By Hannah Lockwood


Father God, thank you that you don’t need me but you want me. Help me be transformed by this truth and live it out this week. Amen.