Children @SJB 08.11

//Children @SJB 08.11

Children @SJB 08.11

The Fruit of the Spirit – Peace

We are learning about the Fruit of the Spirit – the good things that will grow in us if God the Holy Spirit live inside of us. This week we are thinking about Peace.

Here are some things you can do to help you learn about peace and think about how you can be peace maker…

Join in with the service
We will be live streaming our morning service at 10am on the St John’s Blackheath YouTube Channel. In the beginning part of the service, you will hear from Aike, learn how to make your craft & you can join in with an all age song.

Watch some more
Hear more from Aike – she’ll teach you how to say peace in different languages, show you what to do with your pipe cleaners and tell you a story involving maths and lots of camels! (video below)

Make a poppy wreath
All the things you need to make your poppy wreath are in your pack. Watch the example video (below) to show you how to make it. contact to receive a pack.

Think & discuss
If you are older you can also have a go at the Peace Worksheet in your pack. As well as answering the questions there is a space to write prayers and some “talk about it” questions to discuss with your family.