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Talks at St. John’s

Richard Godden - September 30, 2018

God's Rule Is Rejected

Sermon Notes: 1) Have you ever thought carefully about the fact that God has already anticipated our sin and factored it into his plans to such an extent that he even works salvation through it? Do so now. What does this tell us about God’s nature and character? (2) Think about a time when you have done something that you now recognise was against God’s will and that has had long term implications for your life. Have you sought God’s forgiveness? If not, do so now. Are you now confident that he had already factored your sin into his plans for you and that you can now move on within God’s will? If not, pray that God would give you that confidence and, if you would think that it might help, talk to Eddie or one of the other Church leaders about this.

Scripture References: 1 Samuel 8:1-22

From Service: "10:30 am Service"

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