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Prayer journeys give an opportunity to join with others for 40 days praying for our colleagues and workplaces. Each journey is themed.

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What is LICC?

Mission & Values
LICC’s overall mission is to make whole-life discipleship unavoidable and central in the lives of the people and leaders of the UK church.

Our desire is to see Christians grow as faithful and fruitful followers of Jesus, making a difference wherever they are – home, work, college, club – on the ‘frontlines’ of today’s world, wherever they spend their waking hours.

We want to fuel a movement to make ‘whole-life missionary disciple-making’ central and effective in the church at large.

Our mission is shaped by a passion for the gospel – a gospel that is good news for all of life. We’re shaped, too, by a deep concern about the stifling, pervasive, life-denying impact of the sacred-secular divide on Christian mission and living.

We seek to work out this mission with a commitment to ‘double listening’, firstly to the word of God, and to the world. This ignites our imagination for whole-life discipleship and our desire to serve God’s people in today’s culture.

We’re also committed to a set of values and are learning to shape our activities and output as well as the way that we work around them.

Out of this mission we have an emerging focus on two core streams of activity – the ‘frontline’ of the contemporary workplace where large numbers of Christians spend so much of their waking life, and the gathered community of the local church which disciples people for the whole of life. This relationship between the gathered and dispersed people of God is, we believe, key to releasing Christians for fruitful discipleship in today’s world.

St John’s and LICC

St John’s and LICC have been in partnership since September 2011. We have looked at various topics including how our time at church [maybe up to 10 hours] relates to the rest of our time which maybe at work, bringing up a family, being a carer etc [approx 110 hours].This 110 we call our Frontline!

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